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About ESOS

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was formally unveiled in summer 2014 as the UK government's response to new EU Energy Efficiency Directives calling on companies to improve their energy efficiency. It is expected to affect around 10,000 enterprises operating in the UK.


ESOS is a mandatory scheme and should not be dismissed as just another carbon tax or energy reporting requirement – instead it is an opportunity to identify tangible financial savings through energy efficiency. Large UK enterprises must declare compliance to ESOS by January 29th 2016, or risk significant financial and reputational penalties. The scheme will be administered by the Environment Agency.

  • Compliance Deadline 29th January 2016
  • Mandatory Requirement
  • From £3995 subject to survey
  • Qualified & Accredited Lead Assessors
  • Full Auditing Capabilities
  • Ensure Pre-Deadline Compliance
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About ESOS

home-imageThe purpose of ESOS is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large UK enterprises to identify and report energy usage and recognise energy reduction measures. In order to comply, obligated companies must appoint a Lead Assessor to undertake, oversee or review their audits and overall assessment.

As the UK's leading provider of professional services to companies from SMEs to large corporations, Begbies Traynor Group has developed BTG Green, in partnership with Greenoke (Assessments & Installations Ltd), to provide an extensive range of assessments for both the commercial and domestic sectors through our in-house team of Lead Assessors.

These assessors are accredited and part of an official register of professionals approved by the Environment Agency. Our collective understanding of particular industries will be key to effectively assessing and auditing for ESOS as the scheme will affect each sector differently. Each assessment needs to be tailored to the business concerned with a full appreciation of what energy savings opportunities are realistic and appropriate.

Deadlines, Non Compliance and Penalties

Large enterprises must declare compliance to ESOS by 29th January 2016, or risk significant financial penalties. In order to comply, companies within the ESOS obligation remit must:

  • Appoint a Lead Assessor to undertake, oversee or review their audits and overall assessment.
  • Measure their total energy consumption.
  • Identify areas of significant energy consumption (at least 90% of the total).
  • Select a route to compliance in respect of each area of significant energy consumption and undertake the activity to comply via this route – such as ESOS compliant energy audits, a Green Deal Assessment or a Display Energy Certificate.

The scheme is enforced by the Environment Agency who will apply fixed fines ranging from £500 to £50,000 for non compliance and those businesses not complying will be published at the end of each Phase. It's important to recognise the benefits of ESOS can far outweigh costs and unnecessary penalties; it is estimated that a £5K audit could identify savings worth £120,000, or a £50K audit could identify savings worth £1.2m.

ESOS v ISO 50001

Conforming with ESOS regulations can be achieved outside of the standard ESOS scheme if your company holds an ISO 50001 certificate. Having an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System which covers all areas of energy consumption including transport can totally free an organisation from the obligations of ESOS by acting as an alternative route to compliance.

If you qualify for ESOS and your organisation is fully covered by ISO 50001, you don’t need to carry out an ESOS assessment. You just need to notify the Environment Agency that you are compliant with ESOS.

If you qualify for ESOS, but your organisation is not fully covered by ISO 50001, you need to carry out an ESOS assessment via a qualified Lead Assessor. The assessment helps you work out what your organisation needs to do to comply with the ESOS regulations.


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